Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Are you disappointed I still write?

Sorry about the disappointment, if you thought I'd quitted!

Having not updated for a while now, I see that I haven't missed much of anything around the Blogosphere. Wasps are still buzzing and bumble-bees are still-…bumbling and everybody is busy doing their little things, most of which are tedious and dispiriting once you've read them. Sometimes they are too acidic and frustrating; sometimes they're too polishing and sucking-up, either way not tempting enough to put up with the digestive illnesses induced by the outcome of relentless efforts to get through the latest update or post or…whatever.

Upon reading again, again I have noticed that some people write to impress, simple as that. You visit the blog and you find whole, entire posts almost going like "Admire me!" or "Get Impressed" or such. Depending on how they present it, some of them feed you admiration seeds with a spoon and wait for them to flourish while others bring along the entire tree and start shoving it down your throat. Aside from that, it still puzzles me whether it's attention, compassion or what; that other bloggers who don't hang the admiration banner seek. Some of them specifically induce nothing but a distressing feeling of…pity, if you could take all the humane feelings out of the picture, while others stimulate my most violent faculties.

Having read through updates, my reactions are always the same. I feel that there is a small number of bloggers who blog for themselves, with disregard to all the feelings they induce, as opposed to others whose writings are no more than loud-loud cries for attention; deafeningly loud, and annoyingly echoing and repetitive. It could vary from an unlimited horizon of thoughts to a slideshow of a bunch of pictures you could google for yourself, if you had been entertaining any such interests, to fill in the gap where thoughts are supposed to be. In between, there is an array of thoughts that hue from brilliant to simply random.

Recently, I have been thinking about the fact that there's a great many around our Blogosphere who appear to idolize themselves. They seem to have read their own posts and have fallen in love with themselves, imitating a mentality quite as naïve as that of their designated readers. Then there are others who don't need to read their own posts as they are already much in love with themselves. After several readings and certain encounters I have come to believe that there are some smug characters around the corner, the less fortunate of which blames his failures upon everybody else. Especially since everybody else is perceived to be less intelligent and therefore less likely to succeed. The logical conclusion they seem to reach is that everybody is stealing their good luck, which accounts for why their lives are still pathetic. I wonder whether they all suppose that since they are "more intelligent", that opportunities should come crawling. Still, they all seem to think that if you disagree with them, you definitely are...stupid!

I used to call Luke the mother duck, but as a matter of fact there is one too many. It seems to me that every oracle who is bestowing upon us the great pleasure of his existence around simply seems to assume that role. I doubt that it could be the fear of losing potential fans rather than simply enjoying the waste of time put to reading blabber and actually leaving encouraging comments on them. I cannot help but wonder, if they are that great-natured and that interested, why not try guide people through to better ways? Or is it just fears of…competition over lights, since there is a great many of good bloggers around already? I am wondering because you would see comments from well known names in relatively unknown and for that matter quite unbearable blogs, yet mysteriously while all support is offered, time passes by with not the least bit of improvement.

Reading through, I could picture unemployed "EinsteinS" cursing misfortune, more EinsteinS with an excessive amount of self-esteem that even THE Einstein didn't have. I also pictured Einstein-impersonators. On those, while clothes fit them too loosely, thoughts didn't fit them at all because the container was far too small. There were several EinsteinS as well, with a very common profession today and that is polishing.

The blogosphere is a really funny place. What makes it even funnier is that most of those people would get arrested /killed for their words in the real world…sometimes even for copy-rights.