Monday, July 24, 2006

Frog Blog

I've been reading Iraqi blogs for ages now, through Iraq Blog Count and other websites that link to Iraqi blogs. Some blogs are just great, others are fine, and there's a good number of them that are there to reflect Iraqis' potential at being ignorants, over-bloated, ego-centered, extremists et cetera, you name it and it's there. Not that there aren't people like that everywhere else, but we're the ones that need to get their image fixed.

There's this one blog that I'm going to talk about today, and that would be Iraqi Rocker's. Now, we Iraqis aren't normally raised speaking English, and we might not be the best writers ever in English. But this guy writes the longest overrun sentences ever, even longer than resolutions. Every post is an overrun sentence, itself, and there is no such thing as paragraphs.

In the July 20th post which is the most recent, titled "Midnight Chitchat", he goes on as though he's got ADHD. I realize it's a chitchat, but it's one of those things where you lose interest after the first...there are no paragraphs but say chunk. He starts off with how he can't think of anything to talk about, and how they found a decapitated man near the house and all of that. As I read through, I found it no more than "blabber". You would expect a person to be slightly more affected by the fact that a decapitated body was at their door. He then talks about the odds of getting killed if your name is like this or like that. The swiftness and ease at which he drops the dead man and talks about life, and then moves on to talk about people in his neighbourhood is just interesting. Topics change at Mach 3. This is an example :

"just tell me what is your damn belief, I'm talking about friends of my friends, I don’t really talk with any strangers these days about this stuff, no politic, no nothing, sometimes when I came back to the house with a taxi I just talk with him about how much he's gonna take to drive me to my house, 'cause 99% of the taxi drivers are I don’t know, I just don’t trust them at all, I guess that’s it for today I have no more NOTHING to talk about, or I have one thing, I think everything is happening in Baghdad right now is because of the Iranian inelegance, Israeli inelegance, CIA, the militias all of them, Ba'ath party members, and in the end I guess al-qayda, you know what, I'll try to talk about the people who are destroying Baghdad later, 'cause I have to go now, see you later people, take care and have fun, BYEZ"

The March 13th post is very perceptive and prudent. Short enough not to bore anybody, yet you just can't help thinking "Boy! Get a life!". If you open the comments page, you will find my sincere opinion of Meemo as well as my comment about the 3-word-long post of his. It's pretty short that I can post it, but unfortunately it's obscene.

The May 22nd is yet another insightful post by Meemo. Should have been titled BS instead of embarrassing Disturbed by quoting them. This is the first chunk, you tell me what you think:

"Good morning people of darkness?? I guess if you were really people of darkness that’s
mean you don’t have a morning and you don’t even have anything good, anyways, what'sup??"

The remainder of that post suggests that he should be carrying a G-Pride flag and wandering in Baghdad's streets. I don't know if he thinks about what people who bother read the whole thing think after reading it. I'll tell you what I think, he's either a metroman dying to get laid, or a plain homosexual going through denial and it's getting to his brain...if there's such a thing.

The guy is very rational, isn't he? He has this problem with topics being absolutely slippery for him that he simply slides and glides from one topic to the other. He should do a couple changes to his blog; the first would be writing a nuisance caution at the top, and then another thing would be writing a note at the beginning of each post, emphasizing on the fact that he's the person who is writing the post. Incase anybody forgets what his writing is like...


Gilgamish said...

HI there,

Did you have an assignment to choose one blog and to critique it, no just kiding...ya3ni u for real ....can you write something about urself, you sound like an interesting character :)
Bas, wala kha6iya Iraqi rocker, he is only 19, and I think his English is pretty impressive for a person who has not been outside of Iraq, give him a crdit, will you...! :D

yala bye :)

olivebranch said...

he has the guts to write in English despite never having officially learnt the language... He picked it up from Music.

I am a friend with Iraqi Rocker, helping him learn english better so he can write for the Olivebranch Network :

and I would really like it if you wrote him an apology. You ripped his site to shreds without a second thought about the effect it may have on his writing.

If he stops writing because he now feels underconfident I blame it on you. And as, assumably, an Iraqi yourself; you should realise how important it is to have Iraqi's still living in Iraq letting their thoughts and opinions out.

You don't apologize and continue to rip apart the Iraqi bloggers 1 by 1 and I will join in; I will use my blog and my other blogs, and my position at to send some negative attention your way.

How would you like it?

Get off your high horse and start using the education you already have for something better than making others feel like shit.

You want to discuss this with me, and maybe spend some time writing about real issue's for the Olivebranch Network give me an email:

look forward to hearing from you.

Luke(y) Skinner
aka [olivebranch] -
"the Olivebranch Network"

Ēl Delilâh said...

For starters, I couldn't care less to apologize to anybody, and I definitely won't be apologizing because you said so.If you're that low to start sending negative attention, then all I've got to say to you is that you're not worth discussing anything with. If you're confident about his writing, what I say on my blog shouldn't signify at all!

As far as I'm concerned, this is my blog and I'm free to write what I please, the way they're free to write and publish. You've got issues with that? This is what I've got to say to you, boil your threats and drink them, in Arabic "fawerhum o eshrab mayhum".