Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogger Deficit Disorder

There is no new blogger to talk about today, even though I've got a handful of them and it would be amusing to write about most of them. However, what I'm planning on talking about is relevant to bloggers and blogging.

The world out here is quite different from the world in Baghdad, and has differed further since the war/invasion or whatever you may call it. The world out here is cutthroat in the real sense of the word, but back there it's cutthroat literally. But is it an excuse for individuals to be intransigent? To maintain their ignorance, apathy, tedium, and to complain about all of that? No, it isn't, it never was and it will never be.
It doesn't take much to realize that in Baghdad, it's impossible to pursue a dream even for the most motivated person there. However, if a person is motivated to improve and make any individual progress, that person will never be short of ways to realize that. Unable to pursue studies or as much as finding books to increase knowledge and work on personal skills? There's the world at the touch of your fingers, online. You can always widen your horizons, educate yourself and develope. You can always work on making yourself a better person, with a better mentality, because nobody is ever smart enough for the real world.

When I criticize a blogger, there are two things to it; the first being that I am an individual and I'm free to give my opinion as long as I do so properly, because since the day that blogger has decided to publish posts, every word is out there for weighing. The second, being that I am not criticizing the persona, not the psyche. I'm criticizing the attitude, the things that the person can obviously work on, and they're often things that the person himself doesn't notice.
Some people mistake that criticism for an effort to make light of themselves, which is not true. However, I believe that one of two people would have serious issues with criticism in any form, and that would be a person with an extremely low self esteem and sense of worth or a person with a so-enlarged ego to believe that he/she is above any criticism. The first, because it's always a reminder of the insufficiency, which I believe should be a motive to work on improving instead of simply whining. The second is just too much self esteem to blind from the truth.
People with low self esteem do not succeed. Success is an image a person reflects, its an insubstantial balance in everything including how much esteem one holds for him/herself. When there's a lack of self esteem, there is no motivation to improve, therefore no success. When there's an excess, there's a bit of hope, since as we move on with life we learn alot about our true worth.

Today, I have recieved a comment from Meemo, the Frog Blog star. The comment consisted of two main chunks that I skimmed through and was tempted to delete right when I started reading. Where Meemo flows is Category II, and that would be the person with low sense of worth, if any. Now, I've alreadt talked about that in Frog Blog. However, the comment also tempted me to write this post.
Meemo Abbas is one of those people who aren't big on doing anything with their lives, and looks like he's hit the bottom of the bottomless pit quite a while ago. Whining is his major, and coming up with twaddle in some unknown jargon is another thing he's good at. That's his attitude, that's what he is, not who he is.
I do regret having deleted the comment now, it would have been nice to paste the full chunks here, but unfortunately I haven't got them. However, they included some really hilarious remarks. Hilarious mainly because they're incredibly naive.
The first, being his assumption that Frog Blog stood for me thinking that he looks like a Frog. Well, how inspired do you have to be to think that way? The other was his instant assumption that I haven't lived in Iraq and that I haven't specifically lived there during/after the war, and he's quite wrong about that. The third assumption, which I found pretty...let's say thick and dim, was that I don't know what a "Metal Head" was. I won't even go near the jargon and the terminology there, but that was pretty lame to the point where I was literally laughing out loud at the...idiocy. It takes an awful lot of it to understand things that way.I don't know what he thinks he could teach me, that I don't know already. I can tell that there's nothing really, but I'll just get on the flow and ask "what?". I know I could teach him some better understanding skills since the post on my blog talked about how he doesn't make any sense while he took it for "lack of understanding to his dark nature".

He also has this tendency to use profanity. Maybe he think's its cool. I'm not sure about that, but he won't be the first kid I see to think that being one of the homies in the hood is cool. There's this thing about his writing that makes him yet another trivial wannabe.

Alaa The Mesopotamian is the absolute opposite, character wise. However, if this is what people's comments look like, I might as well just disable comments.

Unfortunately, Meemo's likes are becoming the more common element in our youth. Quite a burden on society, quite sluggish and grumpy, hollow to a level where their value as human beings is not that high in a world where a person is valued by what they can produce and what they've got to offer. It's a shame that I've got to call his likes "My fellow citizens". And yes, this time, it's his psyche that I am criticizing, not just his attitude.

Meemo, laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. You think being in Iraq is tough, and it justifies your inadequacy, when you choose to do nothing but whine. Your life is what you make out of it. Check the real world where your two hands and one brain don't usually suffice...then we will have a talk. Till then, grow up a little and don't be dim and thick.

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