Saturday, August 12, 2006

Phenomenon: Gobbledygook

Today's blogger is getting reviewed because he's already too baffled to be left in anticipation, and that would be His Hectic Majesty aNarki-13 . I took a look at his profile, he's into Asian cultures, which is good because it means he's trying to widen his horizons. Except for that it leaves me wondering whether he can tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese things, it somewhat doesn't seem like it. Salam Adil thought it's a bit too much to have my name accented, though for a pun, and now I'm wondering whether he's taken a look at Anarki's profile.
The Blog itself, titled Then Some! doesn't inspire much, if anything at all. Then you have the blog description right under the title, which is unrelated to anything either. Then you remember the blogger's name, Anarki, and all of a sudden there's a moment of epiphany where you think "What on Earth was I thinking? It's Anarki, it's just a mess!"

The most recent post of August 8th, A million Dollars. CORRECTION: THREE million Dollars, is deceivingly short, but fits right with the whole chaotic theme where you're just not supposed to know what's going on. He said, and I quote:

"nothing. nothing. just passing through."
(crosses his fingers and holds breath in a silent prayer)

That was the entire post. What is that floating thought doing on a blog page? I know the blogger space is for free, so are our grey cells. But when we burn them up trying to figure what he's thinking, it's a great loss...unlike the blogger space.

Another post I found interesting was the August 2nd, titled "Yuss Mussah". When I first laid eyes on it, I thought it might be something related to Asia and Asian Philosophy maybe, perhaps something related to Tao or so. It was related to Asia, in the sense that Sri Lanka or Bangladesh are Asian Nations, but that's about it. The post is about the Sri Lankan young maid they have, and his humane reflections about that. It's chills my heart to see such thoughts, but it chills my brain while trying to read them. Some logic would be a nice addition to the blog. This is a...well, there's a muddle he said:

"iraq had/has/will always have its share of slavery, enforced by society and "the people above".hah. like i said, no time now. got a freaking thesis to write. and Then Some".

He does address a real issue there, a humanitarian issue. One must give him credit for that. But I don't see him writing a thesis and formulating an argument for it, let alone a solid, convincing one. He concludes the post with a Gandhi quote, which he left unnamed, and which is the most sensible part of the entire post, specially if we consider the list of what he listens to that doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Is it like a discrete wish-list for those who mean to buy him a present CD?!

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. "

A slightly older post that I somehow ran into while skimming through his archive of wonders was the July 8th post, titled Page under const...ahh just forget about it . Of course, the title has got nothing to do with anything, which is just normal at Then Some. Opening line goes like:

"it is Moi! this is really really me writing again, the return of the centennial phenomenon aNarki13! Yeah... so, better hurry or u'll miss it!"

Okay, so he is the centennial phenomenon that can't be missed. I'm just happy that bit of ego didn't survive because I have already had my fill of embellishing writers. Then there's this show-off bit in the post:

"Domo, Otomodachi..(thank you, friends)why? for bearing with me all this time.."

Yes, his Asian orientations keep overwhelming him, as well as everybody else. The post goes on about anything and nothing, his Masters thesis, his life, politics et cetera. Yet another norm to his blog.

Anarki-13 has got a teensy tendency to show off with anything that could serve as show-off material. I guess it takes an Iraqi to smell that and recognize it. As the name suggests as well, his blog is one big mess, made of smaller muddles called posts, where the title has got nothing to do with the post and the paragraphs of the post have got nothing to do with each other. There is also this weird phenomenon going on in his blog, that where as people have gaps in their arguments, he has valleys, and very often no argument at all. You read through, and you almost feel a bit sea-sick, or maybe it's blog-sickness to be accurate.

Another blogger that needs to put a warning on the top, which says "Take your brain somewhere else if you don't want to run out of cells", and yet another blogger that needs to change the blog title to something relevant. But at the end of the day, it's chaos, what was I thinking?

Despite all of that, it's a good read and can be really interesting and hilarious. Just don't read it after a long day of work, whatever that's left of your brain will be gone down the drain.


aNarki-13 said...

i really liked this!

thank you, honestly!

i like to read everything, i lean towards japanese due to my arts studies, BUT, i do not limit myself to that! the whole of the far-east has a whole other vibe to it! :D

hmm.. i was (and am) writing a thesis for my masters in college, not a thesis about the post!

the post, well.. i admit it was hanging by a thread, weak structure, no clear point on what to do..

i really appreciate your opinion! thank you for being mercyful!

:D i did tell u i like ur style, right?

take care now!
cheers, and Then Some!

aNarki-13 said...

arts studies == martial arts studies..

just a note i forgot to add.

i have a malfunctioning brain.. i think i do.. at least.


Bruno said...

I, on the other hand, LIKE his rather formless, erratic posts. It's a fresh diversion from all the structured, boring academic writing out there, and I enjoy his ramblings. If he were trying to make an argument for something, then your criticisms might (would) be correct. But he's not.