Friday, August 04, 2006

When America doesn't care

Today's blogger is Still Alive, who's running two blogs. She's got How To Deserve It, which is quite an all philosophical blog dedicated for an unknown purpose, and which could only serve as a quote source. That particular blog is not a blog I'd like to talk about, since it's full of floating thoughts that aren't Delilâh-Friendly. The other blog she's got is My Letters To America, her letters that is. Posts do get interesting at times, but every now and then she would fall into that habit of boring the reader as though we haven't got enough readers repeating the same old broken record for us.

The most recent post would be June 28th's, He is Missing. She starts off the post with some sort of a conversation between some relatives or family friends, unless her imagination is helping her out. The conversation itself is pointlessly addressing the same blabber about secterianism that's been everywhere from blogger's posts to CNN interviews and Jazeerah and Arabia's much hated political commentators. It's real alright, but it's still too futile and has already become cliché. In this post she said and I quote:

"Every day I leave my house I expect them to kill me after one look at my ID. They are criminals. You don't know anything because nothing is shown on TV biased channels, out there on street there is much more than what we can be tolerant about anymore. We have to start doing something to stop them"

There's no news to all of that, and that top of having to do something is as old as dirt to Iraqis, and has only proven that we're uncapable of doing anything for real but talking and protesting against whatever and whoever, regardless good or bad.

Another older post is her December 13th, 2005 post, titled Tomorrow Was Here. The post is about this book she read and how it predicted future and all of that. I'm very tempted to believe that she's read some quatrains of Nostradamus' and given that the book was so possessing, detailed and mysterious, it just had to be him. I found it interesting, after having read through pointless posts that had just nothing to talk about. She said, and I quote of course:

"There was a verse talking about a brutal leader ruling the city between two rivers, he will make it drown in blood and fire. "

That would be the 33rd quatrian:

"His last hand through sanguinary
He will be unable to protect himself by sea:
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand,
The black and irate one will make him rue it"

and the 98th quatrian:

"Ruin for the Volcae so very terrible with fear,
Their great city stained, pestilential deed:
To plunder Sun and Moon and to violate their temples:
And to redden the two rivers flowing with blood."

Well, I found that interesting really, at least she does take the trouble to read various kinds of books, unlike the nowadays typical Iraqi that can't seem to do anything better than whining for a living. Anyway, I don't quite believe in fortune tellers and astronomers, and that's where Nostradamus flows. But it did make the post interesting.

"America, don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t be fooled. Just live, there is no time as precious as today. There is no future as sweet as the next breath."

The rest of the world isn't Iraq, there is no war on American soil, and there hasn't been any since the end of their own civil war. Sad that Iraq doesn't have a future of it's own, but true that Americans still live their lives normally. Paranoid a little bit, but more peacefully than we could dream for Iraq of becoming. I guess Still Alive should have remembered that. And then, at the end of the day, Iraqis are leaving Iraq to seek a better tomorrow out there, and many of them are satisfied with their new lives, embracing their new lives and thankful for being able to live in peace again.

The blog is titled My Letters to America, which could have changed to A Piece of My Mind for a matching blog title. She's got a tendency to be philosophical, which I find interesting at times and utterly annoyingly and boring at other times. When she's actually giving a piece of her mind though, she can be as far from reality as far as I am from the moon at the moment, and she's only realistic when she's telling off something particular like an incident or so. Sometimes it's even hard to figure what she's talking about for real, because everything is just vague.
Still Alive should consider putting a warning or a little caution at the top of each post to tell whether it's a piece of her mind or a piece of her life or a piece of candy, so people know whether it's a bed-time read or a day-time read...or a passe-temps kind of a while-at-work read. Otherwise it could be really bad to end up falling asleep on your desk at work, couldn't it?

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